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About Abdel Fattah Madi Foundation for Ceramics and Porcelain

Since the beginning of the start in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the nineties at present the completion of after-sales transactions in the world through the application of high-quality standards from 15 factories of major European factories for care and the main real  And quickly became one of the largest institutions in this area in the Delta in general and Kafr El-Sheikh in particular, which meet the requirements of the local market, and on October 6, 2015 opened the branch of Alexandria to deepen the market and meet their needs and optimize access to the public did not stop efforts at that limit, Ceramic Market Exhibition International Exhibition in Nasr City in March 2017 It is currently seeking to establish an exhibition in the city of Qweisna, which will have an effective effect in meeting the needs of the surrounding areas. The institution is also distinguished in taking a step towards the public by holding mobile exhibitions to facilitate the player E Mobility customers farthest from the range you are.

He is 25 years old and is placed by Abdul Fattah Madi in your handsestate in the Arab Republic of Egypt in Kafr El-Sheikh on January 1, 2012